Travelling Through Europe – Car, Plane, Or Train?

Travel is an expensive hobby for anyone. But when it comes to the mode of transport you choose to use, the cost might skyrocket. After saving up for months, or even years, to travel through Europe, the last thing you want is to find it’s still not financially viable. So what are your options?


A road trip is always great fun, especially when there are several of you in the car. And most of Europe is entirely accessible by car, making it a popular choice. However, there are a few considerations that tend to put people off. The first is the need to drive on the ‘other’ side of the road. For some, this isn’t an issue, but for others, it’s tricky to get your head around.


Whether you hire a car or take your own, you must ensure your insurance covers you for the regions you’re interested in. And you might want to update your GPS too! Not all satnavs or apps have European maps and traffic reports pre-installed. Last, but not least, you need to consider a breakdown service that will take care of you while you’re away.


Unsurprisingly, this often works out to be the cheapest way to travel from country to country. What puts people off is the amount of time spent in airports waiting around for the flight. The queues for security don’t help either.  Check websites like to see what your requirements might be for your next flight. Some travellers might experience some changes to the documentation needed for travel soon.

Another downside of flying is getting to the airport. Many of the big ones aren’t anywhere near the city. You still need to pay for transfers, and this adds extra time to your journey before you ever arrive in the city. At least you can peruse the Duty Frees! Still, with the bargain prices of flights right now, it might be the most affordable approach.


Train travel in the UK has reached extraordinary heights when it comes to cost. This plays a part in reaching the continent, unfortunately. However, it is possible to buy a European train ticket, like the Interrail. It might be just what you need and can make travelling throughout Europe easier and cheaper. It will depend on your needs of course.

Some train tickets and passes offer complete freedom to hop on and off trains when it suits you. This means you don’t need to restrict yourself to any kind of itinerary. However, some pre-booked tickets might offer you a better price. Don’t forget, you’re going to need accommodation in each place too. Pre-booking secures your room. Turning up and asking for a room might lead to higher costs.

The cost of travel varies a lot. Different seasons might incur additional costs. And pre-booking might work out a little less expensive occasionally. If you’re not keen to stick to a strict plan, then look for travel arrangements that offer more freedom, like the train or the car. Where will you be going when you travel through Europe?


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