Travel Before You’re 30!

It’s so easy for our 20’s to pass by in a blur. And we are left wondering where the time has gone. After all, once we reach our 30’s, it’s likely we will want to start settling down. Therefore, before you reach this major milestone, you should try and get some traveling completed to bucket list destinations. In fact, here are three places which should be on your travel list before you hit 30.


The beautiful country of India is somewhere every young adult should go to. In fact, it’s full of youngsters who visit cities in the country like Goa or Mumbai. After all, there are many draws to the stunning country. For one thing, a lot of young people head there for food. The street markets offer delicious food that will leave your mouth watering. And you can get a filling meal for less than a few rupee! Another draw to the country is the stunning architecture. After all, there are beautiful structures like the incredible Taj Mahal. Also, you might love to visit one of the many beaches in the county. In fact, a lot of youngsters party until the morning on the beaches in Goa. Another reason why it’s good to visit India while you are still young is the fact that the hustle and bustle can be too much when you get older. But you might enjoy the chaos in your younger years!



Another place you should visit while you are young is America. After all, there is so much to see and do in the fabulous country. For one thing, you should head to New York; the city that never sleeps! You can go around all the sights like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. And then head to Times Square to take in the fantastic atmosphere. You can even do some shopping in stores like Macy’s while you are in the city. You can also go to Broadway to see a show or two while you are in the city. You should also go to Las Vegas for a gamble if you dare. Young people love the party atmosphere. Remember that if you are visiting the US, you need to apply for a visa from the Esta website. That way, you can legally visit the country for up to 90 days!


One of the most popular places which is on young people’s bucket list is Australia. In fact, you are bound to find young people aplenty if you visit the country. And there are many reasons why people love going to the country. For one thing, they love the friendly people. They are very welcoming, and you are bound to make friends if you head to the country. Also, you can take part in a number of watersports like surfing while you are in the country. Additionally, the cities are fantastic to visit. In fact, millions swarm to the capital Sydney to visit the iconic places like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Therefore, it’s definitely worth visiting while you are young.

And remember that if you would rather stay closer to home, Italy and France are two places that should make your travel list in your 20’s!


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