A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Beauty Products Online

More and more of us are turning to shopping online. It can be much more convenient for many people, as well as easier to find a bargain. But one thing that can be tricky buying online is makeup. You might be looking to buy something that you have already used before. You might want to try a new product that you’ve heard great things about. Either way, you can get a little overwhelmed when you log onto a site and see all of the options that are available; there are so many! Then there comes the difficulty of knowing what shade of foundation will match your skin tone, or what eyeshadow palette would be the best choice. So if you do like to shop online, even for beauty products, here are some top tips to help make it an easy and simple process.



Check the Returns Policy

Because of the nature of the products, it can be tricky to return the items. There might be restrictions on returns if the product has been used. If you buy something and it isn’t the right shade for you, then you might not be able to return it. Some retailers do allow it, though. Obviously, if it is faulty then returning won’t be a problem. So before you buy, check what the site’s return policy is. You don’t want to be out of pocket for choosing the wrong shade.

Choose ‘Safe’ Products

Some beauty items are easier to buy online than others. Think about mascara or eyeliner, for example. You pretty much know what shade you want to but when it comes to things like mascara or eyeliner. So they are safe choices to buy online. Even something like a Lorac unzipped palette can be a safe choice. As you can see the colours in the eyeshadow palette, you know what is available and if it would suit you. Other safe things are lotions, eye or brow pencils, as well as lipsticks and balms. Riskier items are things like concealer and foundation as you don’t want to get those wrong. So as with the first point, check the returns policy before you buy items like that.

Look For Rewards Programs

There are many ways to save when you shop for your makeup products. One of those is by choosing a site with a loyalty rewards program. There are many online stores that do. So look for one that you can sign up to. If you can save on each purchase or get points on each purchase, it will all add up. Then you might be able to redeem some of those points or savings for a free item.

Buy During Promotions

There are quite a lot of brands that do promotions from time to time. You might have to buy one or two products, but then you get a bundle of tester sized products for free. They usually come in a new makeup bag too. It is a cheaper way to get some new makeup, and you can try out some new products without having to buy them full sized.
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