Cracking The Dress Code: Top Tips For Winter Wedding Guests

Have you been invited to a winter wedding? If so, you’re probably looking forward to catching up with friends, and planning your outfit. Dressing up in the winter months can be tricky because you’ve got to factor in unpredictable weather conditions. In the summer, all you have to worry about is finding a pretty dress or a gorgeous top and skirt combo. But in the cooler months, putting an outfit together requires more thought. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some top tips to help you crack the dress code.



Look for clues

Some couples will stipulate a dress code on the invitation, so check this first. If it’s black tie or there’s a theme, this could make life easier. Make sure you stick to the guidelines if there is a set dress code. You don’t want to turn up and look completely different to everybody else or go against the couple’s wishes.

If there isn’t any information about attire, look for hints and clues. Research the venue, think about the couple in question, and take a good look at the invitation. If it’s a church wedding followed by a reception at a castle or a country house, you should probably go for something formal. Luxury wedding invitations can also give you an idea about the kind of event you can expect. If you do want to opt for something classic and smart, you can’t go wrong with a shift dress or a plain long-sleeved top teamed with a midi or maxi skirt. Add a tailored wool coat, a chic clutch, and some leather gloves to finish off your look.

If the wedding is taking place at a pub, a hotel, a golf club, or a barn, you may wish to go for something slightly less formal. Jumpsuits and trouser suits, for example, have become an increasingly popular alternative to skirts and dresses.

Dress for the weather

You don’t want to be that guest who is standing outside in the rain with goose-pimpled skin. Make sure you dress for the weather. Even if you plan to shed your coat as soon as you get to the reception venue, it’s always wise to have extra layers with you. If you don’t want to wear a jacket, take an umbrella and drape a shawl around your shoulders. If you’re wearing a short dress, it’s best to avoid catching a chill, so wear tights. Go for opaque black if you’re wearing a dark dress or skin-coloured tights if you’re wearing a lighter shade or a print.

Be careful when it comes to choosing shoes. If it’s snowing outside, it’s probably best to avoid towering heels. If you want to wear a heel, take a pair of flats with you to change into when you need to walk outside. You can then slip into your heels once you get inside.

If you’re going to a winter wedding, it can be tricky to find an outfit that’s both stylish and practical. Hopefully, this guide will help you to put the ideal ensemble together, and enable you to enjoy your day without worrying about the weather.


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