Travel To Canada: Why This Time Of Year Is The Perfect Time To Visit

Have you ever been to Canada? It is a place that I would love to go to as there is so much to see and do. You can pretty much go at any time of year. The country is so huge so the climate can be diverse. Plus, there are great things to do all year-round. However, I think that there would be something great about visiting Canada at this time of year.

Canada is known for it’s winter sports, so it has got to be worth a trip when you could do some, surely? Fewer people travel to Canada in the winter, so it means the tourist areas will be a little quieter. Like the Unite States, you need you need to apply for a pre-travel authorization before you go. So make sure you factor that into any plans. If you need some more information, you could look somewhere like But anyway, here are a few reasons why I would love to visit at this time of year.

lake-ontario-1581897_960_720Lake Ontario

The Scenery

If you visit closer to autumn, you will see all of the awesome autumn foliage. The stunning colours of the maple leaves will just get you in the autumn mood. It is one of my favourite times of the year, so I just think it would be pretty magical. If you chose to go in more winter time, you are likely to encounter a little snow at some point. How stunning would the mountains, woods, and lakes look covered in the white stuff?

The Weather

Granted, traveling to a country so northerly in winter, it isn’t going to be a beach trip. But even in autumn, the weather is pretty comfortable. It would still be warm enough to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, as well as sightseeing. The snow will only be in certain areas of the country. So if you would prefer to not have any snow, then just avoid the mountain and ski resort areas. January is pegged as the coldest month across the country. So that should be something to bear in mind. Either side of that would be better months to travel I think.

The Activities

As I have already mentioned, Canada has some of the world’s best skiing and winter sports resorts. So if you want to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding, Canada would be the perfect spot. If you are unsure of the best resorts, you could visit It lists the top ten resorts, so they will be one suited to you.

There are still plenty of other things to do in autumn and winter. You could witness the stunning Carnival de Quebec, a winter festival. You could also still head out on hiking trails, city tours, and sightseeing trips. Niagara Falls is a waterfall all year round, right? So if you chose that area of the country, it would make a great day trip. The cities like Quebec and Toronto, are full of fantastic places to shop and eat too.


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