This Is Why India Is So Irresistable To Tourists

Travelers to India have always remarked how it is a country of contrast. But today, that’s, even more, the case. Go to any of the metropolises, and you’ll see two sides of India. There’s the side of India that’s being driven by the massive growth in the services sector. Millions of Indians have been lifted out of poverty working in IT, call centers, and other tech services. Then there’s the other side of India. Here people are frighteningly poor, living in shanty towns next to skyscrapers.

Then there’s the contrast in the country’s landscape. The country stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south. The Himalayas are cold and foreboding. The Bay and the rest of the south are warm and comforting. For tourists, it makes for some of the most exciting sightseeing in the world.

Has that whetted your appetite?

Here we’re going to look at some of the reasons why everybody should pay India a visit.

The Food


Food, in many ways, is the defining element in any culture. And India is no exception. The food here is rich and varied, and perhaps some of the most interesting in all the world. In India, the food has traditionally varied by region. In the far north of the country, the diet is predominantly vegetarian. Traditionally the people ate whole grains, beans, vegetables and rice. They also focused their meals around the ubiquitous chapatis.


In the south of the country, there’s more widespread use of ingredients like coconut and seafood. Cooking in the South also makes use of ghee, a kind of clarified butter. Dishes tend to be rich, fatty and spicy.  

Stunning Tropical Island

Most of India’s land area might be continental. But India plays host to some of the most stunning islands in the world. Take Andaman and Nicobar, for instance. These are a series of more than 300 islands, scattered throughout the Bay of Bengal. Andaman and Nicobar tourism is on the up right now. Why? Because the islands themselves provide some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Each island is covered in palm trees, and many have stunning white sand beaches.

These islands provide much-needed respite from the bustling Indian cities of Kolkata and New Delhi. Here summer holidaymakers can enjoy coral reefs, snorkeling, and watersports.

The Chaos

India is perhaps unique in the world for the chaos on its streets. On street level, there’s a sort of peaceful anarchy that reigns. Traffic doesn’t obey any rules. People are shouting from every corner. There’s a constant clattering of animals and motor vehicles. And there’s no strict separation of private and public space.

What’s more, the streets of the main cities are unbelievably crowded. Amazingly, traffic jams aren’t something that just affects motor vehicles. Even pedestrians can be held up by the sheer weight of people traffic. Once you’ve experienced this chaos for yourself, you’ll begin to appreciate it. There’s a freedom in this kind of culture that we rarely experience in the West.


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