Autumn Fashion Tips That Are Both Practical And Stylish

Knowing how to dress for autumn can be quite the challenge. The weather is so unpredictable and often in the quest to stay warm and dry, style goes out the window completely. So, what are the secrets to staying stylish even when faced with the worst the weather can throw at you?

A good waterproof

There is nothing worse than getting caught in an unexpected downpour – especially when you’re not prepared at all. Human skin is, of course, waterproof, but often our clothing does little to protect us from heavy rain. It’s not very often that the bedraggled look is in fashion, so it is wise to invest in a good waterproof. If you spend a lot of your time outdoors and are likely to be caught in the rain often, it may be worth spending a bit more money on a quality waterproof. Hiking brands are generally the best for this, and surprisingly, many of them have brought out some pretty stylish designs. If you need to keep to a bit of a lower budget, regular high street stores are now offering lightweight, colourful parkas. Look out for offers such as a Rue 21 coupon code to help you snatch a bargain. Many lightweight parkas now come with their own pouch, so you can roll them up and store them in your handbag in case of a downpour.

Ditch the scarf, embrace the snood

Scarves are that kind of item that tends to look better than they actually are. If you have ever battled a long scarf during windy weather, you will know exactly why this is. Snoods, it seems, were invented to combat this common problem. Instead of having two loose ends, a snood is a bit like a giant donut. It is essentially a ring of scarf material which you can wrap around your neck to keep warm. Stylish, cosy AND practical.

A parka

Chic winter coats such as trenches really do look great – but unfortunately, many of them are not great at keeping you warm. After all, that is the main concept behind a coat! If you’re happy to go with style over comfort, a chic tailored coat could be perfect for your autumn wardrobe. If, for you, comfort is key, you can’t go wrong with a classic parka. They are often lined with faux fur, which can keep you extra toasty. Plus, parkas have the advantage of coming with a hood. Unless you’re willing to carry around a huge golf umbrella, most store-bought handbag-sized umbrellas won’t stand up against the elements. Don’t bother fighting with an inside-out umbrella every time you leave the house in autumn. Simply pop on your parka and you’re good to go.

Sensible shoes

Unfortunately pretty dainty shoes are not going to cut it in the fall. As mornings start to get icy, you’ll need a pair of shoes that aren’t going to cause you to sleep on the ground as soon as you step outside. Wellington boots are an obvious choice for exceptionally wet weather, and brands like Hunter have made them cool again. But if it’s grip you’re looking for, look no further than a trusty pair of Dr Martens.


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