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A classy solution for depositing your belongings


The wardrobe is a very important piece in every home. It is the place where we place our belongings, not allowing them to fly around the house. We also wish to have wardrobes that occupies a littlest space, but keep a very large number of items. Is that even possible? Try the shaker style fitted wardrobes, made by Urban Wardrobes, and you will change your view about wardrobes. They are made in such way that they will naturally merge with the walls and interior design of the room, being almost invisible. Still, they will also be spacious enough to allow you to place inside whatever you please.

Made out of Italian wood panels, these wardrobes incorporate sturdiness and reliability with pure elegance. Each shaker style fitted wardrobe can be custom made since there are more than 50 colors and textures that will suit any style and taste. Thus, the manufacturers make sure the wardrobe will perfectly match your room. Also, if you want to ensure the rest of the furniture appears like being part of the same story, you can opt for additional furniture items. Made out of the same material, color and texture, you can have dressing tables, bed cabinets and chest of drawers, making it look like a complete set. Urban Wardrobes does not make any compromise regarding the quality and customer service so that the items will be shipped and installed by their specialized team.

Your bedroom can now be saved from those bulky and massive wardrobes or closets. It is time to make a change in better, by opting for these elegant wooden wardrobes. The shaker style fitted wardrobes are discreet and useful, looking to being an ordinary part of the room. The bedroom will instantly look more spacious, and your belongings will have all the space they need to be ordered nicely. You will have access to everything you need in the reach of your hand. The Urban Wardrobes makes its furniture by respecting the Windsor concept, so you can be sure that you will have an elegant and durable furniture in your home. The classic and cleans lines, together with the high-quality of the material, will never grow old. They will still be in trend for many years to come. Thus, this is an investment that is worth to be made.

You wish to give a new look to your bedroom? Just contact the Urban Wardrobe team and tell them your requirements. They can easily make a shaker style fitted wardrobe according to your room specifications, making sure that the furniture will fit perfectly in your space. The wardrobes are both made and designed in UK, so the quality is flawless, the manufacturer granting 15 years of guaranteed use without a problem. With these wardrobes, you will know your money is well spent and most certainly you will be pleased with the final results. Finally, the space in your bedroom will be efficiently used, and the wardrobe will give it a classy appearance.


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