5 Dream locations in Menorca


We visited during the spring, and Menorca was extremely peaceful, with no crowds or bustle. Locals say even during summer, the most crowded places can’t actually be said to be crowded, and you can keep enjoying Menorca at ease.

If you visit Menorca during the off season, you should consider that, except in Mahón and Ciutadella, you’ll find everything is closed: supermarkets, stores, bars… there’re exceptions of course, but in general, everything is closed, so you’ll have to do your shopping at those cities I mentioned above.

1.- Cala Macarella / Cala Macarelleta (Macarella Cove / Macarelleta Cove)

Let’s start with a bang; these are most probably the two best coves you can enjoy in Menorca, which is why we advise you to visit them last, since afterwards, any cove you visit will seem drab in comparison. Macarella and Macarelleta are two separate coves, but are at the same time part of a whole, with white sands and sky-blue crystal clear waters; beaches like those you see in Caribbean documentaries.

And if this weren’t enough, add the fact that they are located amidst a natural park and between two cliffs which are part of the path you have to take to get to them, and where views are amazing. Your hike to these coves will be a guaranteed delight.

At the end of the cove of Macarella there are two possible paths; one that leads to Macarelleta on the inside, which is an easier route for people with vertigo or some handicap, but what is really mind blowing is getting there by going past the cliff, so at the end of Macarella, turn left and don’t miss what you’ll see because it’s something you’ll remember for a long time. You will go up some super-steep stone steps and you’ll catch the best views you can imagine. Stop here and enjoy the view for a few moments. You’ll fall in love with Macarelleta.

2.- Cuevas de Xoroi (Xoroi Caves)

Xoroi caves is another place you must not miss. It actually is a “lounge / bar” set inside the mountain’s rocks, just at the cliffs of south Menorca. Saying you can see one of the best sunsets as you have a drink is an understatement. Mind you, though, a Coca Cola (admission) can be 10 to 12 euros, but the cost is really worth it, and you’ll feel like you are literally hanging from the cliff walls. Don’t miss it or you’ll regret it.

3.- Ciutadella (old neighbourhood)

Ciutadella is one of the two major cities in Menorca, which has a very nice old neighbourhood, filled with history and charming little streets. If you visit Menorca, don’t hesitate to take stroll at night around Ciutadella and have a drink at the heart of the town.

4.- The white town of Binibequer

Due south of Mahón there is a small fishing town which has gotten its charm based on building all of its houses uniformly and in a white colour, among narrow streets and passageways, that give it an unparalleled touch and charm. This town is called Binibequer, but the old one; don’t go to Binibequer Nou, which are the new buildings which have nothing to do with the one I’m telling you about.

5.- Arenal del Castell, Son Parc and the northern coast

If you aren’t sure where to find accommodations for a good price that will let you enjoy good views, at the area of Arenal del Castell and Son Parc you’ll find good, sensibly priced accommodations, and it’s a beautiful location for practicing sports or enjoying the sun and beach.

The “Cami de Cavalls” circles the island, and at this area there are two sections which are worth seeing, since they finish at Cala Tirant (Tirant Cove) and you go past really mind-blowing places.

Of course, I’ve left out a lot of special places, such as Mahón, Es Grau, Punta Prima (where there’s a spectacular chill-out dining place), Cala Tortuga, the Caballería and Favaritx lighthouses, and other special places. I’ll be telling you about Menorca another day anyways, since there’s a lot to be told about it.


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