Home Improvement

4 ways to brighten any room


Brightening a room is easy, simply pay a very talented builder a huge sum of money to create more windows within your room. Simple right?

Well maybe not. In fact there are some truly simple, effective and most of all low cost ways to brighten any room regardless of space. We’ve outlined just a few here to get you started. So get ready to see away those dark, gloomy rooms and say hello to a revamped home.


White, off white or light coloured paint is your first line of defence against a gloomy room. This can give your walls a refreshing, clean and bright look. But before you say that your walls are already white – old white walls can become discoloured and appear dull and often a simple freshen up can do a world of difference.

Don’t be put off injecting some colour into your room too. Southern Home Services LLC suggests adding light, bright colors to rooms in your home. Light colours can draw the eye into your room and really accentuate certain features. So choose where you want to accentuate wisely: to lengthen the room or to reflect the light.


The texture of your walls and paint is almost as important as the colour. Now you may think that the reflection that gloss paint offers is the best solution to brighten your rooms. However, gloss will create glare rather than a soft, bright glow. Choose matt paint or satin finish to create this effect.

Uneven walls can also create shadows no matter what paint you choose, so the solution is to really take the time to give your walls the best possible treatment. Prepare them, patch any cracks and use high quality paint. Then you’ll be all set for a smooth and bright look.

Clutter free

So many of us plan to de-clutter our homes. We say we have too much stuff and we don’t need it all, but unfortunately when it comes down to it, this is a task we so often put off again and again. So put it off no more! Now is the time to clear away that clutter and let your room benefit from the added space. Space and light go together hand in hand, so use the vision of a beautiful bright room to motivate you through the tidying process.


Nowadays mirrors come in all shapes, sizes and best of all, price ranges. You can either go for a stylish, wonderfully extravagant mirror with a frame to match your décor, or play it simple and choose the frameless option that will match any style. Maybe a long narrow mirror, hung lengthways to add space.

Whichever mirror you choose, ensure you hang them where they will reflect the most light. Alternatively if one of your walls is particularly dark and shadowy, then place a mirror here to reflect a brighter area of your room.

So there it is, four really easy ways to make your room brighter, more spacious and lighter. And best of all you don’t have to break the bank to achieve great results.


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