Tips for Looking Great in a Winter Party Dress

The winter party season is here! With all the bad weather, many people make the best of it by throwing get-togethers that will get everyone’s minds off of the cabin fever. From office events and family affairs to parties with friends and nights out on the town, there will be plenty of opportunities this season to show off your winter styles. But in cold weather, party dresses can be particularly challenging. Here are our tips on how to make sure your sexy party dress stands out—without getting frostbite.

  1. Ditch the Little Black Dress – We know it’s a standby, and that’s for a good reason: black looks good on just about anybody, with just about anything, at just about any occasion. But do you really want to look just like everyone else? Winter style guides spend too much time advocating greys, blacks and whites—so let’s buck the trend and brighten up. The truth is that bright colors aren’t just for spring and summer, but stand out all the more in winter when surrounded by drab weather and all-too-serious black coats. Look for those eye-catching oranges, blush pinks, rich greens, or the classic bright red to chase away the winter doldrums in your party dress. If you really feel the need to tone it down, add a black belt or black jacket, but let your colors shine and you will be the rose blooming through the snow—an instant hit at any party, and a sure-fire cure for seasonal affective disorder!
  2. Add some sparkle – Sparkly material or sequins work very well in winter party dresses. Just as the frost is glistening outside, let your dress glitter a little and you’ll truly get attention. The rule of thumb with sparkle is just as true in January as it is in July, however: less is more. If you’re wearing a heavily sequined dress, it’s going to work best in more muted shades, like beige rather than red.
  3. Rich textures contrast nicely and match the season – Material makes a big difference in winter. Not only will the right material in a party dress take you from “shivering” to “comfortable and confident,” it will also look more at home in the winter weather. Look for dresses or layers that incorporate rich textures like faux leather or brocade. Velvet is a classic at this time of year, but don’t overdo it—velvet accents on an otherwise lighter dress look timeless and seasonal, while all-velvet makes you look like a stuffed stocking. Similarly, warmer and heftier fabrics will allow you to choose a dress that shows off a little more without looking chilly.
  4. Light layering creates killer looks – Layering is the secret to winter sexiness, both for comfort and for style. With a party dress, you have almost limitless options: layer a short wool coat over a dress to look good in a formal environment, or a faux leather or denim jacket over your dress at a more casual venue. A shawl will never go wrong in winter, but it does help to choose a fabric that looks warm (lightweight wool is a winner) rather than gossamer. Contrast the color of your shawl with that of your dress, or consider something a bit heavier like a fake fur wrap to truly rule the winter scene.

What other tips do you have for winter party dresses?


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