Five Steps To The Perfect Family Road Trip

Road trip time! There are few holidays that are quite as much fun and full of all sorts of unexpected turns. In particular, my favourite kinds are the one that involve families. Oh, there will be squabbles and angry silences a-plenty. But they’re quickly forgotten when you spot something awesome or go somewhere breath-taking. That said, to keep those glum moments to a minimum, you’re going to need some forethought. Going off unprepared is going to land you in a lot of dead ends and wasted time instead of great holidaying. So here’s how I ensure that my family has an excellent road trip.



Choosing a destination

The best thing about the road trip is obviously the freedom you get when it comes to picking where you want to go. You just choose a road and set off. Whilst going on an adventure is recommended, you should have some idea of a destination. Choose a country or a state that has lots to see wherever you go. France is one of the best countries for this, given its size and the sheer amount of history and tourism, but it’s up to you!

Choosing a ride

As for how you get around in your road trip, it’s easy as pie to just take your own car. However, there are some drawbacks. For one, getting a rental ensures that the trip doesn’t tax your ride at all. That and there are ways of getting around more suited to having a holiday. Getting yourself a luxury RV changes the whole experience. Makes it a lot less about accommodating inconvenience when looking for fun.

Everything you need

Before you get off on your road trip, make sure you’re packed for all kinds of eventualities. When you’re going from place to place, you can’t be sure of the weather. For that reason, you’re going to need sun cream as well as rainproof coats. You want your trip to be full of possibilities, too. So make sure to pack for other kinds of holidays, like having camping gear and swimsuits.

Kids on board

We love them but we know that bringing the kids is going to be one of the main contributors to the stresses that come along with the road. Sure, you want them to be fully engaged with experience of a fantastic road trip. But we have to accept that their attention spans are easily lost. Make sure you take plenty of stuff to keep your kids occupied when boredom kicks in. Unless you want them taking it out on you.

Make time for romance

If you’re going with a partner, then make sure you take the opportunity to get a little romantic now and then. Sure, it might be difficult with your kids always around the corner. But find times when you can be alone (though not too far away). Setting up camp somewhere is always a good chance to take advantage of the time the kids are asleep. Set up a little mini date and let the new environment add all kinds of romance points.


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