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Finding the best flooring for your house

In case you need to give a new look to your house and chance the flooring, you are probably thinking about investing in a floor that is durable and fits in your budget. A new floor looks great, and you want to make sure it stays that way for a long period to come. So what types of floors are best for your house? Of course, anyone will choose wood because it is resistant, and it give a warm and welcoming feeling. Not to mention that it is an excellent insulator, and it is not cold when you touch it. But again, there are many types of wooden floors, and you want to make sure you will choose the best for your requirements.


Did you ever hear about engineered flooring? An engineered wood floor will look almost the same as one what uses solid wood planks. The visual differences are slight. But there are some differences regarding cost and maintenance. While solid wooden floors may look more natural, they are a bit more expensive, and they tend to form in time gaps between the wooden planks, due to wood’s expansion and contractions processes. Under high humidity, it can even bend in time, developing curves in its appearance. Engineered wood is much more reliable when it comes to resistance and maintenance and, even if it looks a bit too finished, it will cost less than a solid wood flooring.

Engineered flooring was initially manufactured to be used in tougher conditions, like a basement, or as a flooring for the first floor in a home. But today, everyone is appreciating its benefits and enjoying the most acceptable price. If you need a cheap wood flooring that will do its job properly, then you must choose and engineered wood floor. The instalment is much easier, requiring mainly just a proper glue. It is much more resistant to usage and moisture, as it won’t bend and crack like solid wood will. You may already know that increased moisture or even water standing on a wooden surface will create problems, as the water will be soaked in creating mold and damaging the material’s quality. An engineered flooring won’t have the same problem, not being bothered if you spill something on it or if you place it on top of concrete, which can hold quite some humidity.

So, this may be a solution for a cheap wood flooring, which will also resist in time and look natural as well. Engineered wood has the same colors and patterns given by the wood they are manufactured from, so you will have plenty to choose from. Enjoy the beautiful finishing touch it gives and the affordable price of it. If you have a large family and pets, you will see that these floors will behave amazing, passing all the staining and scraping tests.


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