5 ideas for the ultimate party


If you’re hosting a party, chances are that you want your guests to be talking about how fantastic it was for a fair while afterwards. We’ve got a few ideas for how you can make sure that your birthday, wedding reception, work do, or any other occasion is a night worth remembering.

1) Culinary fun

Consider hiring a cooking instructor for your party. This can be an ideal choice if your guests won’t be well acquainted before the party. They’ll be able to get to know one another while making the meal, which will avoid awkward silences at the dinner table.
2) Challenge themed party

This idea requires some planning on your part. Before the party you’ll have to come up with a list of dares or challenges of varying difficulties, which people will be able to undertake during your party. Make them as crazy or as tame as you like, depending on who you plan on inviting. If certain challenges require props, be sure that you’ve either bought in enough for everyone, or that you let everyone know what the dares are and what they should bring beforehand. Some examples of easily doable dares include:
a. Performing a choreographed song and dance
b. Drinking half a pint with tampons in your mouth (it sounds far more disgusting than it is)
c. Spending the duration of the party tied to someone else (increase the difficulty by having your guests tie themselves to someone they don’t know, or someone of the opposite gender)
Assign points to each challenge, according to difficulty level. Hand out prizes at the end of the night for the most points, the most enthusiasm, and any other categories you come up with.
3) Singing waiters

Who doesn’t love a flash mob? This idea is particularly well suited if you have a big budget and want to throw a party of the year! Let’s say it’s your spouse’s landmark birthday or you’re the one in charge of organising your staff do? Why not add an element of surprise to the occasion by having singers, initially incognito as waiters, burst into their favourite song during the course of the evening? The singing waiters are a true spectacle.
4) Dance class

Rather than having performers, hire a dance instructor to teach you and your guests a fun routine. This is perfect for a girls’ night in. Zumba is usually a lot of fun, but with your best friends and a glass or two of wine, it’s guaranteed to be a giggly affair.
5) Pick a year, any year

Choose an era, encourage your friends to dress accordingly, and hire a band or DJ who will play music from that time. Incredibly simple, but it has the potential to be an unforgettable party.


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