What to Wear During the Wedding Season


The summer wedding season is upon us and amidst the travel plans and the excitement comes the question of what to wear. In order not to be seen as a vague blur in the wedding photos, it’s time to put your best heel forward and prepare to make a fashion statement. The beauty of it is that this year the options are limitless, especially when you make the most of the details. The following trends are designed for a variety of settings while bringing out the best in you.

Wedding Outfits

Shopping for the right wedding outfit is easier when you have a plan in mind. From high-street to retail-chic there are many great options. The little black dress or print slacks are both excellent choices, depending on the look that’s right for you and the theme for the event.

The Beach Ceremony

A waterfront wedding is oh so romantic, but it will cause a few wardrobe challenges. While a posh frock may be suited to the occasion, you’ll need to carry a suitable wrap and wear shoes that can handle sand or slippery stones. Coral, aquamarine and pastels are lovely and appropriate for the season and setting. A lightweight sweater, jacket, or shawl can help ward off the occasional chill, and beaded sandals will provide dressy yet functional comfort.

A Garden or Winery Wedding

Feminine dresses, maxi-length skirts and blouses offer lovely summertime looks that lend themselves perfectly to a garden or vineyard setting. Printed fabrics and dress-slacks add comfort to style. Likewise pleats, gathers and lace add just the right touch of elegance without overshadowing the bride. Additionally, dresses and silky slacks will allow you to dance with grace and style. Sip wine, mingle and enjoy the outdoors without having to adjust your look.

A Black Tie Affair

Although formal weddings require slightly more planning, selecting an outfit doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Sheer lace, cutouts, and backless dresses add elegance and panache. Your favorite little black dress is also well suited to a formal event. Simply by adding strappy heels, gorgeous jewelry, and wedding wear accessories, you’ll be dressed to the nines. If budget is a factor, consider checking out the local vintage boutique or renting a designer dress for the night.

More Conservative Looks

There are weddings that require a slightly more sedate look. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to look frumpy. Simpler designs are often ideal for more conservative occasions. It’s possible to look sensational without revealing too much flesh. Accentuate your best features with styles that subtly highlight your curves and best features. Pay special attention to accessories, makeup and hairstyle without going overboard. An understated look with polish can truly be sensational!

With a little extra planning, you’ll find that you are welcoming the wedding season as never before. Look for dresses, separates, and accessories that fit the occasion as well as your budget while accenting your best features! You’ll also find that you’re turning heads simply because you have taken time to consider the details.



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