Festival Survival Guide


You booked the tickets months ago, but now festival season is well and truly here! Here’s how to have a brilliant time, whatever the weather throws at you.

Happy Camping

When it comes to festival camping, keep it simple with a cheap pop-up tent. There’s nothing worse than hearing your favourite band starting up from afar while you’re stuck in a complicated tangle of tent pegs and guy ropes. If you’ve got space to bring an air bed, that’ll make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep – and don’t forget warm pyjamas and socks as well as your sleeping bag, as it can get pretty nippy in the great outdoors in the wee small hours, even at the height of summer. Finally, ear plugs will be your best friend when your temporary neighbours are determined to keep the party going at 2am, so don’t forget them!

Feeling Fresh 

One of the downsides of festivals is the less than salubrious toilet and washing facilities. Make sure you’re armed with wet wipes, loo wipes and facial wipes to wipe your hygiene issues away! Dry shampoo is also a great idea to get through the weekend without having to wash your hair. When it comes to make-up, less is more. Mascara, a hint of lip-gloss and a good BB cream is all you need. But remember sunburn is never a good look, so pack a good SPF.

Looking Good 

To work an effortless festival vibe think straw hats, big shades, denim shorts, flip-flops, wellies, crochet tops and maxi dresses in cute floral prints. George has a great selection of fab festival fashion at great prices. An on-trend backpack, also available at George, is also a great idea for carrying all your essentials around with you. And even if the weather forecast’s great, don’t forget a lightweight pac-a-mac to deal with any unexpected downpours.

Be Prepared 

If you want to stay in touch and share your festival experience on social media, the good news is that most of the big mobile phone companies now provide charge bars at the main festivals. Remember queues for cashpoints will be long, so bring just enough money to keep you going (but not so much you’ll be terrified of getting mugged!) Painkillers and antiseptic wipes are also a very good idea for any hangovers and tumbles. And don’t forget a mini torch for finding your way back to your tent.

Eating and Drinking 

There’ll be hundreds of food and drink stalls available, so there’s no need to go overboard, but bottled water and a few snacks are a great idea for when you wake up thirsty and starving in the morning and nothing’s open. Also, if you fancy a little tipple after the headline act, remember the bars usually shut when the last bow’s been taken!

Now that you’ve thought of everything, all you need to do is get there, chill out and have a magical, musical weekend to remember – hopefully in the sunshine!





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