Top fashion trends for autumn 2014

The bright mornings and unexpected heatwaves of this summer are beginning to ease off, replaced by the considerably chiller autumn. Whilst this may bring us dark nights and probably much more rain, you have to admit in terms of fashion, autumn has to be one of the best seasons. Especially those days that are crisp and bright without a cloud in the sky – perfect for your new wooly scarf and bobble hat combo. Also perfect for your new ankle boots you cleverly bought in the spring sale in anticipation for chiller climates – well done you, you won at shopping!

Whilst being extremely pleased with that bargain purchase with the longevity to look fashionable for years to come, you can still update your wardrobe with the latest accessories to keep looking contemporary and saves you money on buying a whole new outfit also.


So what should you be investing in your autumn 2014?

Rustic and Worldly Accessories

This Autumn is all about earthy tones and traditional prints so why not invest in some accessories that complement the look? You’re bound to already have a number of versatile items ready to be worn for another year so focusing on your accessories is the perfect way to update your look without spending a small fortune on brand new outfits. Chunky bronze bangles mixed with delicate watches and charm bracelets gives a great contrast. For your watch, why not go for the traditional leather strap rather than the often preferred metal chain? The Patek Philippe collection at is the perfect style AND can be worn with anything and everything. For jewellery, a mixture of widths is the easiest way to embrace this autumn trend.

Country and Western

Each season, fashion seems to take one genre, aspect of culture, and expand it throughout every collection; this season is no different. It’s the turn of the Western. Think fringing, suede (a scary prospect on a rainy day, we admit!) and bronze golden buckles to match your accessories. Deep brown leather bags and satchels with ornate buckles, intricately designed suede boots and dark orange and even purple have been seen across the catwalk.


Clean and Clinical Fabrics

The whole of the fashion world has truly embraced Victoria Beckham as one of their own (despite the bumpy start) and it seems her sense of style is rubbing off on the other designer elite. A firm fan of clean simple design, the catwalks of Louis Vuitton and Marni have also seen the appeal in the simple practical approach with bold neutral coloured loafers and box satchels –  great news for us!

Practicality, at last!

Not only have many MANY trainers been spotted throughout the fashion shows (Chanel in particular took us by surprise!) but practical accessories such as bags that contain various pockets and clips for all your belongings are back in. After a brief absence and the return of clutches and struggling to carry around everything you need for a five minute trip down the road (we understand the pain, we need to carry everything everywhere too), a good quality sized bag is back! Along with comfy trainers and flats – hooray for Autumn!


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