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Christian Louboutin shoes launching nail varnish


Louboutin is the latest fashion designer to cash in on the beauty market with a new red nail varnish.

Christian Louboutin is launching a new nail varnish colour to match their iconic red heels.

The shoe designer has cottoned on to what the likes of Chanel, Tom Ford and Burberry have known for a while – beauty means big bucks.

It is also a full circle of evolution for the brand, as Louboutin owes the success of those red soles to the humble nail varnish. Twenty-two years ago, the designer borrowed an assistant’s red nail varnish and painted the bottom of some shoes, and so the brand was born.

Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour (£36) will also come in a striking bottle with a big pointy brush lid, making the whole thing 20.5cm tall, the exact height of Louboutin’s tallest shoe.

This is the first in a range of 30 nail varnish colours set to be released in September, which are all inspired by Louboutin shoes or bags. There are also rumoured manicure designs in the offing too.


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