Wedding Fever: Are you itching to get hitched?


There seem to be a lot of worried men around at the moment. You can see them, looking a bit hot under the collar and tapping their feet nervously, wondering how things are going to pan out.

It’s not, however, because the country’s sporting pride has taken a battering in the football, tennis, cycling… It’s the looming possibility of marital mayhem. The wedding season is now in full swing and every weekend there are men being questioned by family members about their intentions towards lovely Lucy or amazing Annabelle.

But what if your intentions are indeed honourable, but frankly you’re scared by the whole rigmarole? And ladies, what if you’ve spent so long waiting for him to propose that you’re now laying obstacles around the house so he’ll trip and end up on one knee?

Engagement Rings

First things first, if you’re going to get hitched, then an engagement ring is what’s needed to kick off the whole thing. Let’s be honest, most men are going to be flummoxed by what to buy. Will she want one large diamond, several small ones, or maybe a different stone altogether? And what about the cut, quality and price – does it still require three months’ salary or is one sufficient?

There are so many options out there, from simple chic bands, to vintage and bold rings with large centrepieces, that it can all be a bit confusing.

Ladies, you can probably help him out here by casually leaving open pages of a magazine or website showing the type of ring you’d prefer. And there’s always the tried and tested method of telling your sister or best mate what you want so they can give him some non-too-subtle hints.

 Traditional vs Modern

You’re engaged – congratulations! Now come months of planning, scouring venues, filling out spreadsheets, sampling canapés and generally annoying everyone by turning into a bridezilla. Incidentally, gents, if you’ve become a groomzilla, then really, stop it – just have a pint and relax.

Of course, the traditional wedding involves a church service followed by formal photographs, an elegant meal, and some dubious dad-dancing. But if you like watching Don’t Tell The Bride – and who doesn’t, it’s entertainment gold – you’ll see all manner of nuptial notions, from underwater weddings and roller-coaster rides to Willy Wonka themes and tieing-the-knot in a treehouse.

You can have fake flowers, blooms in watering cans, or even a bouquet of broccoli and cabbage leaves, if you like. If you’re not into the usual fruit or sponge tiered cake, then why not try a multi-coloured meringue confection or a ’cake’ made of several wheels of cheese?

Then there’s the dress to consider. Will you go for a slinky silk number, a 50s prom-style dress, or maybe a big flouncy fairytale princess dress? A mini-dress might not impress the mother-in-law, but hey, it’s your wedding. The ‘mullet’ dress (short at the front, long at the back) is a recent addition to to the wedding scene, and of course different religions have their own traditional styles and colour schemes.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is, naturally, a daily reminder of your marital status – the item that tells the outside world that you’ve made a lifelong promise to love and support someone else. Most bands tend to be simpler than engagement rings, but there are various precious materials to choose from, including yellow/white/rose gold, platinum or palladium (a rare, soft, light, silvery-white metal). And if you’ve got a few pounds left in the budget, why not have a diamond or two in your wedding ring to show off your symbol of romantic commitment?

Hello! My name is Susannah Wright and I’m a journalist who has worked for the likes of the M.E.N and other magazine publications. Check out my Social Profiles below:
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